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Intralytix, Inc.

is focused on the discovery, production and marketing of bacteriophage-based products to control bacterial pathogens in environmental, food processing, and medical settings.
bacteriophage depiction
bacteriophage depiction
bacteriophage depiction
bacteriophage depiction
bacteriophage depiction
bacteriophage depiction
Bacteriophages (bacteria-eater: from the Greek phago meaning "to eat" or "to develop at the expense of") are the most abundant microorganisms on earth. They are natural enemies of disease causing bacteria. Lytic bacteriophages can very effectively kill their targeted specific bacteria without affecting the rest of the microbiome, ensuring an unprecedented level of safety for an antimicrobial.

Frequently Asked

How can I buy your bacteriophage products?

To purchase our bacteriophage products, please contact our sales team at Our team will be happy to provide more information and assist you with placing an order.

Where are your bacteriophage products manufactured?

Our bacteriophage products are manufactured right here in the USA. We take pride in producing high-quality, safe, and effective phage-based solutions.

What is a bacteriophage?

Bacteriophages are the natural predator of bacteria. They are composed of genetic material surrounded by a protein coat, and are specific to certain bacterial types.

How do bacteriophages work?

Bacteriophages attach to bacterial cells, inject their genetic material, and hijack the cell's machinery to replicate themselves, eventually causing the cell to burst and release new phages.

Do bacteriophages pose any risks to human health?

No, bacteriophages are non-pathogenic to humans as they only target bacterial cells, making them a safe therapeutic option.

How can I use bacteriophages?

Bacteriophages can be used in food processing and environmental applications to control bacterial contamination. See our human therapeutics page for information regarding phage therapy to treat bacterial infections.