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Bacteriophage Probiotics
Phages can gently modulate the human microbiome

Phages as Probiotics

Arguably, one of the most intriguing potential applications of bacteriophages is to use them as probiotics; i.e., to fine-tune GI tract microflora and/or other human microbiomes (e.g., the vagina, oral cavity, and skin). Intralytix has developed patented platform technology PhageBiotix™ which is based on using lytic bacteriophages to specifically target "problem" bacterial species in the GI tract, oral cavity, vagina, skin, etc. before they can cause disease. Phagebiotix™ products have a very gentle effect on the overall microflora because of their high specific activity against specific bacterial species, which further enhances their protective effects. Also, Phagebiotix™ products are fully compatible - and, in fact, synergistic - with traditional bacteria-based probiotics, and can be combined to form SuperBiotix™ line of products (i.e., dietary supplements / probiotics that contain traditional bacteria-based probiotic cultures enhanced by our PhageBiotix™ phage preparations). These PhageBiotix™ and SuperBiotix™ products are based on our philosophy and platform technology to use natural, lytic phages to gently modulate human microbiome and to provide various health benefits: Safety By Nature™ and Wellness By Phage™.

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intralytix bacteriophage and gut microflora

Phages present as part of the overall gut microflora.

A brief explanation of the use of phages for beneficially fine-tuning the gut microflora.