Intralytix Receives FDA Regulatory Clearance and Expanded Use, Including in Ground Beef, for Phage-Based E. coli Food Safety Product
11/13/2019 3 years ago

EcoShield PX™ is a broader acting, new formulation of Intralytix's existing EcoShield™ product. EcoShield PX™ is an all-natural, non-chemical antimicrobial preparation for controlling the foodborne bacterial pathogen E. coli O157:H7 and is also effective against other STEC.

The new formula extends EcoShield's application beyond its original and very effective use to reduce or eliminate E. coli O157:H7 contamination of parts and trim prior to grinding or packing. The new formula, EcoShield PX™ is approved for use on more foods, including ground beef, one of the most difficult to treat products in the beef industry. It can also be directly applied to carcasses, and primal and sub-primal cuts.

The active ingredients in the new EcoShield PX™ formula are naturally occurring lytic bacteriophages that selectively and specifically kill STEC, including the most common and notorious STEC serogroup E. coli O157:H7.

EcoShield PX™ is the industry's best choice for eliminating or significantly reducing contamination of food with STEC, including E. coli O157:H7, because it is:

  • FDA affirmed as GRAS (GRN000834)
  • FDA-cleared, through a "Food Contact Notification" or FCN, for use on red meat parts and trim intended to be ground (FCN No. 1018)
  • FSIS-listed as safe and suitable for use in the production of red meat parts and trim, carcasses, primals, and sub-primals, and ground beef as processing aid with no labeling requirements (FSIS Directive 7120.1)
  • Requires no labeling ("clean label")
  • Contains no preservatives
  • Cost effective
  • Effective under a wide range of food storage conditions (e.g., 2°C-42°C)
  • All natural and not genetically modified (non-GM).
  • Kosher and Halal
  • Has no effect on organoleptic properties (including taste, appearance, and smell) of foods.

For product inquires or to place an order, email Intralytix at or call 1-877-ITXPHAGE (489-7424) and select option 1.