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Intralytix and Ferring Pharmaceuticals Collaborate In Novel Bacteriophage-Based IBD Drug Development Project

9 years ago

PRESS RELEASE - 07/13/2015

Intralytix and Ferring Pharmaceuticals Collaborate In Novel Bacteriophage-Based IBD Drug Development Project

Baltimore, Maryland, USA - July 13, 2015. Intralytix, Inc., announced today that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with Ferring Pharmaceuticals, a research-driven, specialty biopharmaceutical group headquartered in St. Prex, Switzerland. Ferring and Intralytix have agreed to work together to develop a proprietary and well defined set of bacteriophages specifically designed to treat inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Intralytix will assist Ferring in formulating and manufacturing the bacteriophage therapy for use in clinical trials. The new program aims to test the feasibility and efficacy of these bacteriophages in controlled human clinical trials.

Alexander Sulakvelidze, Vice President for Research & Development and Chief Scientific Officer of Intralytix commented: "Bacteriophages offer a unique tool to gently fine-tune the gut microbiota by specifically targeting problem-causing bacteria without disturbing the normal, and often beneficial, gut microflora. Our company has developed a patented technology based on this concept, and we are excited to join forces with Ferring to use this technology to develop a bacteriophage-based therapy for IBD."

"We are pleased to partner with Ferring and to jointly engage in the development of a bacteriophage-based product for treating IBD" remarked John Woloszyn, Intralytix's CEO. "Phage-based antibacterials are a quickly emerging technology that is being researched as a safe, effective and all-natural way to help maintain healthy gut microbiota. We believe that our collaboration with Ferring will significantly enhance and expedite product development and will ultimately benefit hundreds of thousands of people suffering from IBD" he added.

About Intralytix Inc.

Intralytix, Inc. is a privately-held company headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. The company is the world's leader in bacteriophage technology, and was the first company in the world to receive FDA-approval for a phage-based product for food safety applications. The Company currently has the largest in the world portfolio of phage-based products on commercial markets. Intralytix, Inc. is using its core bacteriophage technology for developing additional innovative products for food safety, cosmetic, probiotic, and human therapy and veterinary medicine applications. The company holds several bacteriophage technology-related patents, including two U.S. patents (and additional patents pending) on the use of bacteriophages for fine tuning human or animal microbiome by using phage to reduce or eliminate bacterial colonization (US 7,459,272 B2 and US 8,003,323 B2). To learn more about Intralytix, Inc. or its products please visit

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